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We provide model acrylic display cases, show cases, and cabinets for storage and decorative purposes. These acrylic cases are becoming increasingly popular over time with the fragile and expensive delicate items from dust, dirt and fumbling fingers that may cause them to become worn out or even break.


An acrylic case not only protects your precious items from breaking but is also great from damaging UV sunlight (in cases made out of UV protection acrylic). This way your memorabilia or item can be placed anywhere window or not and yet remain looking exactly the same.

Our acrylic cases are designed to sustain wear and tear and cannot be easily broken. Unless inflicted with severe trauma or damage, our acrylic cases tend to sustain falls and bumps inflicted upon them and even manage to protect the contained object ensuring safety. Our acrylic cases are of great quality and stain resistant to most things. They can easily be cleaned with any regular glass cleaner or spray. They are usually scratch resistant but it is recommended to use a fiber cloth to prevent even the smallest of scratches.

We have a wide range of products for sports, movies, or other collectible memorabilia and we stock all sizes. Sizes that are off the shelf can be readily found at our store and any size of an acrylic case that needs to be custom made can also be ordered through us. Besides the different acrylic case designs we are able to supply several styles in the base for the case. These base options include basic acrylic, traditional wood, modern designs that can have stainless steel support corners. Our acrylic cases are also available without the base.

We provide excellent quality product and have perfect shipping methods along with excellent packaging to ensure that you are being delivered the standard quality we assure. Our guarantee is that all our products reach you in pristine condition and in case of any damage sustained by a fault at our end, we will definitely collect and replace it for you.

Our customer service department  at AcrylicJob is excellent to answering any queries, receiving order requests and assuring that our product quality is super and satisfying our customers. You can contact us via our contact information provided on the website through the navigation panel.

We at AcrylicJob look forward to your business and are always ready to answer any queries the customer may have. Consulting with any of our sales persons is free of cost and we assure you the highest quality of service and product at the most reasonably competitive prices.

AcrylicJob has a remarkable variety of options to choose from when it comes to picking out acrylic cases for precious items and our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is like no other. We entrust that doing business with us once will only commit you to engaging our service every time. AcrylicJob with its entire team are dedicated and our service to you are 100 % thorough and quality assured for business.

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