About Us

AcrylicJob is located on Varna Avenue in North Hollywood, California. We are a team of dedicated individuals with experience in understanding the criteria of acrylic cases and ensuring that we are providing our customers with a quality product.

We provide cost-effective services to all our clients and our guarantee is assuring that a quality product is being delivered to you at the best possible price. Our relationship with our manufacturers has led them to understand our need for quality assurance and thus is working with us to create quality products for our customers worth the money they are paying.

We at AcrylicJob understand the criteria to meet deadlines and thus we are continually monitoring the manufacturing process, transport, and quality processes every step of the way to make sure that deadlines are met. We do not believe in taking orders and not meeting deadlines as we understand the stress that would implicate our customers and the cost they bear when deadlines are crossed.  This is why our team at AcrylicJobs works hard to make sure that all our orders are delivered in time and we plan to maintain that factor.

We provide our customers with clear quality assurance that the acrylic case they receive whether big or small is 100 % proven to preserve, display and protect their expensive memorabilia. We are one hundred percent committed to our customers and are always interested in hearing any feedback, complaints or queries they may have in reference to our product or our staff and thus we believe in an open line of communication. This is why our staff is always available to receive your calls and help satisfy any concerns you may have.

Our enterprise at AcrylicJob is to provide our customers with a product that will satisfy their needs and ensure a 100 % quality bond. Our commitment to your business is to create a worthwhile relationship with dedicated service from our product and staff.

You can come in to order or even place an order over the phone. Regardless of your mode of purchase, our staff will be able to help you in sizing, shaping and registering your order for our acrylic showcase.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who turn to us for showcases of any size and any base regardless and we have always proven our service as a quality intact one with creating great pricing options with effective delivery service and great sales staff.

At AcrylicJob we are enthusiastic about our customers and their orders and want to employ confidence in our customers about our dedication to their business. We are delighted to entertain any and all queries and our excited about making the order process as transparent and simple and hassle-free for our customers as possible.

At AcrylicJob we are committed to creating and expanding our business and services and gain a loyal customer pool that trusts us to provide them with quality every step of the way.