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Acrylic Job!

We provide model acrylic display cases, show cases, and cabinets for storage and decorative purposes. These acrylic cases are becoming increasingly popular over time with the fragile and expensive  read more...


Assembly Instruction

To prevent scratching acrylic sheets, please put acrylic sheets on soft and flat cloth then peel out the paper. click  below for step by step assembly instruction.



Custom Size

Our display styles include custom sized display boxes and standard acrylic boxes. These can be used with the provision of a traditional wooden base.

Custom Size


Clean Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic glass can easily become scratched on the surface from harsh cleaners and scrubbers. These cleaners produce small scratches on the surface...

How to Clean?


Wide Verity

At Acrylic Jobs we provide a wide variety and range of acrylic show cases and , cabinets, show cases to protect items from dust and breakage to choose from


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